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Donald Chambers Photography Studio in Atlanta, GA

Your portrait is the most important photo you can take and when image matters you can’t have it be second best. Working from an urban loft studio in midtown Atlanta, GA, Donald Chambers is one of the most experienced portrait photographers in the Southeast. A specialist in studio photography and portraiture, in particular. Don has honed his craft for more than 30 years and is one of the go-to photographers for Atlanta’s celebrities and citizens alike.

Donald Chamber's second passion is classic black and white photography. "It is not about the lack of color. Whether you use traditional film or digital cameras, black and white photographs are more complex in their simplicity," says Don. "Shooting in black and white, especially portraits, is about finding the perfect balance of light and dark because that's essentially all a black and white photographer has to work with."

When the career you chose puts you in the public eye, color headshots are an essential part of any model, entertainer or actor’s portfolio. Don will explain the formatting guidelines for your industry, and the need for multiple different "looks" to help achieve your goals and land your dream job.

Corporate leaders at Atlanta’s largest companies, established professionals, and even recent graduates just starting out can get a boost from having a professional corporate portrait taken. Savvy business people know, especially in these days of LinkedIn resumes and social media, that having a professional image taken by a reputable photographer is always money well spent. In addition to digital prints, Donald Chambers Photography will provide you with fine art quality prints suitable for framing in any high-end office.

Among the who’s who of Atlanta, Don Chambers is on a shortlist of the most trusted photographers when familiar faces like Steve Harvey and celebrity chefs Alton Brown and Paula Deen need to protect and enhance their public image. They know you can trust Donald Chambers Photography when millions of dollars are on the line.

If you need your portrait taken, please feel free to call Don directly at 404-372-9598 or email don@donaldchambersphoto.com. We look forward to seeing you!